You are confused ?

You are confused ?

And your eyes uncover … hidden inside you

Your eyes Looking for shadow , or cloud

To raise pain of your broken heart

Sure , you feel sad

Your heart , to flow over tear

Sure , your eyelid .. has been Exhausted

Sure , him departure in your heart engraved



Why … this sadness has long time with you ?

My lady ..

Whatever … you lose him

This is your decree of fate

Whatever the status , what can we say ?

Its over !

So , close him story’s , chapter , doors

TO see beauty paradise in your eyes ..

And your lips , sing to love

and say I love the life



I will light up your night

to dance with drum rhythm

stay in dance , at sunrise

the sad memories rise with morning

my lady … are you still confused ?

my lady …

Open your eyes … let me see it

And give me your hand to me , don’t fear

I will pay attention all of you , soul , heart , body

With my soul and heart …

Writing by …

Salman al-ansari

Prisoner of love

my English language , not good 🙂 so excuse me

she smiled ….( flirtation )

on her chest …i Wrote my memories

and drew a kiss

express to her about my longing




she smiled

and seduced me her lips

like she … say to me ….

why you are waiting … !

come on kiss my lips

Extend your hand … to capture me

so iam all between your hands …. present

i am … property for you

i am … slave for you

i am … naked for you … on your warm chest

come on … kiss me

the time will spent

longing standing up on my shoulders

and ooooh …. i repeat

becouse it like whip lash me …. on my longing

Extend your hands to … embrace me

so longing for you … be strong

and waves fom eroticism hit … my ports

so tell me now ?!

did you will anchor with calm !

or with hard ?





salman al-ansari