The boy and his teacher ( +18 ) flirt story

The boy was have 14 years old , the woman was have 27 years old ago , after ten years … them meeting .. and this discussion happened between them ….

( He say )…

I was a boy …

Play with all thing

Color my life … with my brush

have fun … with my self , and friends

I was wish to hug … the moon 

In puberty

I shout , I sing

And smoked … red cigar

I write my Past story … 

i don’t know what I was doing

( oh my lady )

I Now … grow up

I still .. remember the past How you was :

you hug me 

& Between your … embrace me

& Your worm lips was … kissing me 

And your femininity excite me … While I sleep 

I still … remember … how I see you nude

front of me … staring , dancing , and watching me 

My nature was shame

And you was try to kindness me 

You was told me about … something’s

I wasn’t know it ?

Like , feeling , worm , longing

( oh my lady )

I Now … grow up

( oh my lady )

Return beck .. that’s past

( oh my lady )

Are not you … was my teacher

And on your school …. I brought up ?

so … I was your student !

and between your hands …. I graduation !

so now …

let me … kiss your lips closely

and hug your fascinating body

to see your beautiful eyes 

( oh my lady )

I Now … grow up

my story’s grow up with me 

that’s .. small pen … it not with me now

so let me … write my novels by your lips




( she , laugh then cry ) and say :

Just now !! you come and tell >> I grow up

Anymore now :

You are not … on my my dream

Your name .. not on my notes

Your picture … I rend it

And erase you from my life 

I grow up too ! 

all of my train & station has gone 

and my longing for you … burn me

to embracing you as a man

so , you come now and told me our memories !

iam near 40 old ! now 

so you are looking for me ??

there is many young girls , teen girls

u can find your life with them




( The boy ) interrupt her talk , by a kiss on her lips , strong embrace , until he feel her heart beat , shake, become high .

In moments , he start to strip she of her clothes … and rape her ( without fight )

writing by :

Prisoner Of Love

salman al-ansari

when be the twilight

Your body … warm

Your Breasts … redolent sweet-smelling

Your Voice … tunes

Your lust oh  … Excite me

I will … a cross inside u … with past & future

And be able of you at sinking

All my kiss … for you

my hugs … race with it

so … how will been when be the twilight

nothing … will stop us … my love

nothing ..

ooh nightfall … as  your eyes lashes

your  check … have a mark as moon

and  neck … borderline between your chest … all this is danger




Oh baby …

All poets … will accuse me

Of … I waste in your description

All my age

will accuse me … I killed

million … of woman’s

and kindle of their … jealousy & sparks




By Writer :

Salman h al-ansari

let me here …

let my eyes tell… what see
from your … graceful
let my lips … irrational talk
after tasting coquetry from you …
let me write …in your myth
Stories & novels
and love i experienced
Madly & groans
and fond glances
& pulses of the heart and memories
so let me between your chest and embrace me

with your hand cover me
& from your exuberance of kind … give me
words & fancy
ooooh ( groans ) & passion
and characters by our crazy meeting
…Leave me…
sleep dont wake up me
to slumber dont disturb me
let me Quieter , clam
Even you kiss me
then ,all of my body … fight
and for your pleasure … struggle
then … for the sake of meet you
will die ….. !
salman al-ansari

she smiled ….( flirtation )

on her chest …i Wrote my memories

and drew a kiss

express to her about my longing




she smiled

and seduced me her lips

like she … say to me ….

why you are waiting … !

come on kiss my lips

Extend your hand … to capture me

so iam all between your hands …. present

i am … property for you

i am … slave for you

i am … naked for you … on your warm chest

come on … kiss me

the time will spent

longing standing up on my shoulders

and ooooh …. i repeat

becouse it like whip lash me …. on my longing

Extend your hands to … embrace me

so longing for you … be strong

and waves fom eroticism hit … my ports

so tell me now ?!

did you will anchor with calm !

or with hard ?





salman al-ansari