sad stoty

sad lovers story – real story – part 1

sad stoty

(( preface ))

sad lovers story ( real )

my letters wasn’t wont to come on this story

my pen still craying … until now !

days cursed him … you will know every thing when u read this story >>>

u will be the judge and you will be the audience

come and read this story with feeling like human

let your heart feel this distress

lets go to read from 10 years ago … how it was …..

(( start ))   s letter 

iam salman , i  was a friend with this gay

i will use nicknames not real names 

( she is  sara )

( he is sameer )

all has same

in 4/2/1427 ah, he was going to garden every weekend with him friends , and she was going with her friends too

some day ( it was Friday ) ,  all of them going to pay water and some juice on same kiosk

she was first , but when she want to pay for seller she hasn’t found her money , sameer observe that

he will come near from sara and say ooh my sister u forget your money with me its ok i will pay for him just u take older and go .

sara surprised and abashed from sameer , then she take older and gone with small smile and red cheeks

sameer pay for the seller and gone too .

in this moment sara cant stop for thinking how it hapeend , how this gay do that

in reality sara it was poor , but she it was noble , she collect money for this day every week , but this week she lost it

sara decide to talk with this gay , about money and thank him about that .

she stay until he going to play football ,she write paper ( thank you for your magnanimity ,but sorry i promise back your money next week like this time exactly in same place ) …

she going to him place and put it inside him bag .

the moon was witness of what happen , moon smile , and send breeze for all who was in the garden

sara take birth and feel good then go back at home , sameer go back at home too .

sara cant sleep just thinking how she will back this money

sameer open his bag as usually to clean it , he see that paper , and read it

he laugh , and more laugh , just and sleep !

days coming , days going very slowly with sara !

she want to back cash money , sameer forget that .

Friday is coming !

sara cant collect all the money ! , but she must to go there cos she promise him .

sara go and sameer too …

as last week she write ( i am sorry ,it my destiny i cant have all of money this week , i wil next week ) she put what she can have in envelope with a paper ) and going to let it in him bag

at this moment he coming and see sara .

saying : hey girl what are you doing here with my bag !

she be confused , and give him ( hand to hand ) envelope , he touch hold her hand and say ,,, yah i remember you

u write to me before , and open envelope and write words , ooh no take it money i dont want it was like a gift for you

sara was  very confused ,to ooze sweat , he hold her hand

she feel wrong some thing and she feel beautiful some thing in her hand , heart beating is very strong , breath too . ( that is first time man hold her hand ) .

sara pull her hand and going with out any word , sameer stay oh girl sorry come back sorry iam sorry .

she leave garden and her friends and back at home , her mother ask what is wrong !

she didnt answer, close her room , and sleep under cover , just thinking thinking

sameer stay looking want to know who is she ! where is she coming !

she know her friends , cos he was she sara associate with them , he going and ask who is she !

can i get her mobile number !

all of her friends say she is sara and she dont have mobile , we will tell her

moon still watching … this story event .

next week coing , sameer come and set , he dont play he want to see sara

but sara not coming ,,,

next week , not coming , next & next  . not coming sameer every week waiting

next month , sara is coming …. she collect his money

when sameer she her say oooh  u back finely ! where are you , what happen with you !

she give him money and say i do my promise , when she going he say sara !!!

she back with  surprise , and ask him : how you know my name ?

he smile … and tell her you are the one between all of girls i feel good with her ,

you have a white soul , your personalty is good and clean .

i like you realy

i come here every last weeks just to see you , i don’t need that money

but i need you in my life .

you are angel , and your eyes innocent , i see it and i feel all that from your hand and your promise .

sara freeze in her place , she cant open her mouth to say any thing , its first time she Liston like it words , sara live with a busy family , every one busy every one dont mind if some one need help or not , no good words , no good feeling just shouting , and hurting sara it was like a housemaid to her brothers .

now we come back …. to our story with brevity

days coming and every week sara and sameer approach between together ,partitions is break

and every one waiting Friday to meet anther one , moon too was longing to see that

cos moon want sara smile , she have a bad life .

love strat growing …. day after day .. word after word , letter after letter

many things happen inside sara heart , but sameer thinking she is like every girl, he want to get it maybe he still not feel love !

after 2 years sara and sameer started to meeting out garden alone ,

any more i cant continuation in this details , my dear reader u will now reason later ! ( its privacy )

many thing  hapeen sara start to sick . in real sara was sick from she small , but now she started go to hospital she have (  sickle cell anemia ) and he know that , but with more love she be fine when them fight she going to hospital .

to be continue …

by :

salman – alansari

You are confused ?

You are confused ?

And your eyes uncover … hidden inside you

Your eyes Looking for shadow , or cloud

To raise pain of your broken heart

Sure , you feel sad

Your heart , to flow over tear

Sure , your eyelid .. has been Exhausted

Sure , him departure in your heart engraved



Why … this sadness has long time with you ?

My lady ..

Whatever … you lose him

This is your decree of fate

Whatever the status , what can we say ?

Its over !

So , close him story’s , chapter , doors

TO see beauty paradise in your eyes ..

And your lips , sing to love

and say I love the life



I will light up your night

to dance with drum rhythm

stay in dance , at sunrise

the sad memories rise with morning

my lady … are you still confused ?

my lady …

Open your eyes … let me see it

And give me your hand to me , don’t fear

I will pay attention all of you , soul , heart , body

With my soul and heart …

Writing by …

Salman al-ansari

Prisoner of love

my English language , not good 🙂 so excuse me

The boy and his teacher ( +18 ) flirt story

The boy was have 14 years old , the woman was have 27 years old ago , after ten years … them meeting .. and this discussion happened between them ….

( He say )…

I was a boy …

Play with all thing

Color my life … with my brush

have fun … with my self , and friends

I was wish to hug … the moon 

In puberty

I shout , I sing

And smoked … red cigar

I write my Past story … 

i don’t know what I was doing

( oh my lady )

I Now … grow up

I still .. remember the past How you was :

you hug me 

& Between your … embrace me

& Your worm lips was … kissing me 

And your femininity excite me … While I sleep 

I still … remember … how I see you nude

front of me … staring , dancing , and watching me 

My nature was shame

And you was try to kindness me 

You was told me about … something’s

I wasn’t know it ?

Like , feeling , worm , longing

( oh my lady )

I Now … grow up

( oh my lady )

Return beck .. that’s past

( oh my lady )

Are not you … was my teacher

And on your school …. I brought up ?

so … I was your student !

and between your hands …. I graduation !

so now …

let me … kiss your lips closely

and hug your fascinating body

to see your beautiful eyes 

( oh my lady )

I Now … grow up

my story’s grow up with me 

that’s .. small pen … it not with me now

so let me … write my novels by your lips




( she , laugh then cry ) and say :

Just now !! you come and tell >> I grow up

Anymore now :

You are not … on my my dream

Your name .. not on my notes

Your picture … I rend it

And erase you from my life 

I grow up too ! 

all of my train & station has gone 

and my longing for you … burn me

to embracing you as a man

so , you come now and told me our memories !

iam near 40 old ! now 

so you are looking for me ??

there is many young girls , teen girls

u can find your life with them




( The boy ) interrupt her talk , by a kiss on her lips , strong embrace , until he feel her heart beat , shake, become high .

In moments , he start to strip she of her clothes … and rape her ( without fight )

writing by :

Prisoner Of Love

salman al-ansari

ألا تشتاق … are you … longs!

لم تعد تغازلني !

ألا تُبصُر … أنني … أنثاك !

ألا تتحسس بيديكَ .. جسدي

ويطير في سمائي … هواك !

ألا تشتاق !

وبجنون رجولتك … ألقاك !

ألا تشتاق !

أنسيت … أيام لعبنا

حُبنا … قُربنا … بُعدنا !

أنسيت …

ألا تشتاق !

لِمَ لَم تعُد تُقبل شفتاي …

كما كنتَ !

وصدري الدافئ …

لم تَعُد تهواه !

وحُضنكَ … أصبح

مُوحشٌ …

بعدما .. تعودت الأنس

بلقياه …

تَغيرتَ … كثيراً …

وساد صمتك معي …

أكثر من وسادتي !



أأحببت امرأة غيري !

حتى وإن أحببت …

ألا تشتاق !



بقلمي …

سلمان الأنصاري

4/10/1434 هـ

you turn away from flirt me !

… think over … I am … your  lady!

why not  … touch my body  ..

i am like the bird .. fly on your sky

are you … longs!

i long madly for  … Meet you!

with your manhood crazy

are you … longs!

Did you forget … Days of play

Love … Proximity … After us!

Did you forget …

are you … longs!

Why did not perform kiss my lips …

As you was do !

what about

warm of my chest …

you did not be like it !

And your lap … Become

Lonesome …

After it was .. Accustomed to my hugs

you …. Changed … So much …

There was your silence with me …

Over than my pillow !



do you loved others woman !

Even though you liked …

you … Not longs for me !


salman al-ansari

prisoner of love

A Kiss before I sleep

A kiss before sleeping My love …

Abstain to give me it . . .

What I do to you …

You are all my life And your kiss …

give me life agin Abstain …

her cheek have a redness She tell me …

I will kiss you But …

It will be with shame I will close my eyes ….

In that’s moment And maybe …

my pulse heart will stop Oh …

my love How your beautiful …

You have the color of rose On your cheek ….

And smile ..

with love …

I can see that . .

My love …

Come near here …

With clam …

your silent kill it With …

redolent …

breath And warm inside your chest

Come near from me … more . .

oh baby … Your kiss …

before I sleep Mean …

to me Happy dreams for you my love …

By : salman h al-ansari

for who send to me message

I received all your letters …

And received with it breeze of your longing

When I was open any message

I heard your echo of your voice

coming … slowly … warm … sing . . . Your … speech Really …

beautiful But your voice …

sure it’s more than beautiful Cheer up my eyes …

when I read that let me to imagine of you

then I count the stars on night and missed

the moon in morning . .

Your whispering rain on me

Your reunion fill me happiness At full …

Then I will be smiling in all the time . . .

So … my baby …

you are owner of nice messages Waiting me …

And Let my hand …

write to you all the story …

all of my feeling …

Let my hand write to you …

who is me Then I will send replay for your …

eyes address . . .

 … By ..

Salman h al-ansari

beauty … variegation

henna on her hand

her eyes sight …charm me

she wear dress …

relate body detail oh …

she so beautiful in her cheek …

redness and tow lips ..

redolent with sweet-smelling velvet hair …

long braid long at her chest exhaust me …

when i looking to her when she cooming

front me may i become teens boy

or she back my beautiful life agin . . .

my heart …

stay to pulsate want go to her ….

until ….

she be betwen my cage chest . . .

by… salman al-ansari

A kiss before sleeping

A kiss before sleeping

My love … Abstain  to give me it




What I do to you …

You are all my life

And your kiss … give me life agin

Abstain  … her cheek  have a redness

She tell me … I will kiss you

But  …

It will be with shame

I will close my eyes …. In that’s moment

And maybe … my pulse  heart  will stop

Oh … my love

How your beautiful …

You have the color of rose

On your cheek ….

And smile .. with love … I can see that



My love …

Come near here …

With clam … your silent kill it

With … redolent … breath

And warm inside your chest

Come near from me … more



.oh baby …

Your kiss … before I sleep

Mean … to me

Happy dreams for you my love  …




By : salman h al-ansari

when be the twilight

Your body … warm

Your Breasts … redolent sweet-smelling

Your Voice … tunes

Your lust oh  … Excite me

I will … a cross inside u … with past & future

And be able of you at sinking

All my kiss … for you

my hugs … race with it

so … how will been when be the twilight

nothing … will stop us … my love

nothing ..

ooh nightfall … as  your eyes lashes

your  check … have a mark as moon

and  neck … borderline between your chest … all this is danger




Oh baby …

All poets … will accuse me

Of … I waste in your description

All my age

will accuse me … I killed

million … of woman’s

and kindle of their … jealousy & sparks




By Writer :

Salman h al-ansari