( three in love )

  • I loved you
    you left your soul and you went
    Your body with a another man.. Is this a fair division!
    your memories float on my eyelash
    Since the moments of your absence … How he sees you … and how to take care of you ?
    How he whispering love in the body does not listen
    doesn’t speak …
    doesn’t shout like my yearning … doesn’t suffer !
    How ?
    he kiss your deaf lips …
    breast basin he bathe !
    and how to sleep next to you
    Falls asleep and dreams!
    Oooh , messenger of love …
    you came down to we and split …
    We are become three !
    by : salman alansari
    #three #three_in_love #prisoner #love#memories #my_blog #admonition#salman #separation

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