when be the twilight

Your body … warm

Your Breasts … redolent sweet-smelling

Your Voice … tunes

Your lust oh  … Excite me

I will … a cross inside u … with past & future

And be able of you at sinking

All my kiss … for you

my hugs … race with it

so … how will been when be the twilight

nothing … will stop us … my love

nothing ..

ooh nightfall … as  your eyes lashes

your  check … have a mark as moon

and  neck … borderline between your chest … all this is danger




Oh baby …

All poets … will accuse me

Of … I waste in your description

All my age

will accuse me … I killed

million … of woman’s

and kindle of their … jealousy & sparks




By Writer :

Salman h al-ansari

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