A kiss before sleeping

A kiss before sleeping

My love … Abstain  to give me it




What I do to you …

You are all my life

And your kiss … give me life agin

Abstain  … her cheek  have a redness

She tell me … I will kiss you

But  …

It will be with shame

I will close my eyes …. In that’s moment

And maybe … my pulse  heart  will stop

Oh … my love

How your beautiful …

You have the color of rose

On your cheek ….

And smile .. with love … I can see that



My love …

Come near here …

With clam … your silent kill it

With … redolent … breath

And warm inside your chest

Come near from me … more



.oh baby …

Your kiss … before I sleep

Mean … to me

Happy dreams for you my love  …




By : salman h al-ansari

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