she smiled ….( flirtation )

on her chest …i Wrote my memories

and drew a kiss

express to her about my longing




she smiled

and seduced me her lips

like she … say to me ….

why you are waiting … !

come on kiss my lips

Extend your hand … to capture me

so iam all between your hands …. present

i am … property for you

i am … slave for you

i am … naked for you … on your warm chest

come on … kiss me

the time will spent

longing standing up on my shoulders

and ooooh …. i repeat

becouse it like whip lash me …. on my longing

Extend your hands to … embrace me

so longing for you … be strong

and waves fom eroticism hit … my ports

so tell me now ?!

did you will anchor with calm !

or with hard ?





salman al-ansari

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