a beauty lady asked me

a beauty lady  asked me

for who . . . this flowers

and this books ,,,, booklet

& colored pens

for who . . .

between all femininity !

your letters ,,, give her

by your feeling ,,, irrigate her

by your heart pulse … give her life

she insist … in her asking

her eyes … looking at me

her eyebrow … vast

then she agin ask me … with insistence

repeat asking with ,, some of curiosity

can i skim,between your hand you explain to me ?

your lines ,,, charming

some of it … make me drunk

come on !

irrigate me it

from your lips flood ,,, and saliva

dont wait more !

time go away

my heart call out ,,, your longing

come on !

talk …. now talk

i watch … your eyes

i sip my lips ,,, from your words

tell me more …!

about this letter

and that

tell me now … dont hesitate

are you love me .. or u not !





i looking to here … with

surprise … wonder … admiration

she real is … beauty

i told her …

oh lady !

my letters for all world .. i give

but by your graceful i will writing …

in my books …






salman h al-ansari

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