kiss me here … ( song ) words

kiss me here

kiss me there

every where

i will feel

i will share



some times i say

i will never kiss today

but my heart ping … ping me

like this every year

if u r not here

so you r my heart dear



kiss me here

kiss me there

dont stop

ooh my dear

kiss my lips !

kiss my cheek

oh my god !

my eyes too weeeet



i will feel

i will share

kiss me here

hug me deep

dont let me sleep …

look at me

dont go there

my heart will be fear

try to believe

somthing is release

like sky , like degrees

this my feel

so its a tear

u know this my desire



kiss me here

i want more , like flyer

up to up

step by hear

kiss me down ….

oooh flirt me ,, dear

on my neck …

on my chest …

on every where

kiss me there ..




write by

salman al-ansari


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