your tear my lady

Not by kiss Or by hugs !

I will satisfy yourself-conceit , my lady

I am man from the past , the time damage him

I am your redolent memories & I am passing days

I am man already the longing exhaust him

Until become fancy cry to him

I am man , sinking in your tear sea , sadness of u my lady

So tell me …

Why I see your eyes , make place to sad . . . !

And why your tear too warm. . . !

Ooooh lady …

Kill me … or kill that’s place …

Or kill the chance , because its reunion between our hearts

U can reprisals from all ( me , him , that’s )

Lady . . . your tear like a glass & cup

And coffee without sugar and whitener

Lady . . . your tear more expensive of corundum & pearls and coral

So your tear break my pride . . .

My lady . . . . I am sorry . . . I cant see your tear agin.







salman al-ansari

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