what happening in this world

What Happening In This World

Every Thing Be Black In Eyes

The World Are Whirl And Detour Me

My (Bodily) Parts To Tremble Aand My Blood Vessel Are To Dry

What Happening In This Solid  World

Not Knowing About Human Hearts And Know Only Blame

Just Intermittence And Scatter Hearts

On The Sad And Wounding A Way

And Torture Our Left Feeling In The Hell

And Burn Sense With Fire And On

Prohibited My World  Fear you  God

If Was ( Love ) Maybe Go Out The World I Dont Want Love Agin

If Was ( Goodness ) Perhaps Go And Never To Back

What Can I Say Now I Lost My Self My Soul

Lost My Sound, Speech Even My Tongue To Be Innocent Of Me

I Hold To Lost My Eyesight From Lachrymose

If This Doing Comforts U To Form Blind And Fall

I Will Kill My Eyes Its For You

But I Want To Life On The Peace

By God ! Idont Want Any Love On This World

Enough, Enough, Enough Please

My Heart Dies On The Day Many Times

My Soul Conjuration And  Reach To Throat Then Go Back

What U Want From Me ???

Forgave Me May God Forgave You



With My Tear And Blood

Prisoner Of Love

Salman Al-Ansari







فكرة واحدة على ”what happening in this world

  1. Dear Salman, the must beautiful poems everybody will write, when the suffering is so big that your heart is really brocken!we are same, me to, when I’m sad I have to write sad poems of my feelings and my hurt, because the life sometimes is really so hard and who is very sensitive can’t understand why we will suffer so much! Be strong, I’ll be next you you, we are friends, pray God, speak with friends, write all your hurts and feelings in poems, listen some music, and don’t forget who really loves you, your family, friends and that you are a special guy, don’t forget that you are ONE IN A MILION!your friend, the winter rose…


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